SHCS understands the healthcare industry at all levels. We respond to our clients’ needs with timely and innovative solutions; therefore, developing long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and our ability to demonstrate “value-added” in our consulting relationships. SHCS has a proven track record of working with sub-acute, long-term care, assisted living facilities and other healthcare businesses to generate creative and financially sound clinical, marketing and management solutions. We deliver to our client bottom-line results!

  • Designed and directed a client’s operational re-organization with the implementation of a Coordinated Care Management department for a 129-bed Skilled Nursing Facility. This resulted in an annual cost savings of $400,000, and generated an additional $450,000 in revenue in the first four months of operations.
  • Managed the implementation of Strategic Health Care Solution’s REACH program, a Marketing/Census/Care Management system, resulting in a bottom-line impact of $1,500,000 over a two-year period for a 531-Bed network.
  • Created and directed a vertically integrated system’s strategic planning process, developed new lines of business and healthcare services resulting in a revenue increase of $1,000,000 within nine months (CCRC, 126-bed multi-level facility, and Outpatient Rehabilitation Center.)
  • Developed and implemented a pharmacy cost containment and disease management strategy, through an extensive RFP and vendor negotiations, resulting in prescription cost savings in excess of 20%.
  • Designed the process and directed the implementation of the first Collaborative Practice between an institutional pharmacy, skilled nursing facility and its physicians, with a cost savings of 32% in its first month of operations.
  • Developed Specialized Programs and Service offerings expanding market reach resulting in improved revenue stream; i.e. the development of outpatient rehabilitation services with industrial rehabilitation offerings, disease management and wellness programs.
  • Developed a Productivity Study measuring Labor efficiency/effectiveness of Therapy services and profit margin under PPS, and the development of a Revenue/Case Mix budget, and Care Management system. Plan implemented resulted in an $7.81 per patient/ per day increase in Medicare reimbursement in month one, $23.72 per PPS increase patient per day, and $41.88 per patient per day in month three, with an $85,000 revenue improvement realized in 4 months for a 60 bed Southeastern SNF. Additional Revenue projected to be upwards of $325,000.
  • Negotiated over 140 Managed Care and Vendor contracts – SHCS’ Skilled Nursing Clients have the greatest number of Managed Care and Third Party contracts in the State.
  • Recovered approximately $500,000 from regional Medicare Advantage Company through contract compliance initiatives.
  • Created and directed the corporate strategic planning process, developed new lines of business and healthcare services, and developed a 5-year business plan.
  • Directed the corporate strategic marketing through detailed marketing research and finely tailored marketing communication plans and public relations activities.
  • Created significant brand awareness and leading market identities in crowded markets through the development of significant points of differentiation. This was accomplished through program and product development, which uniquely positioned the Health Care Centers.
  • Researched and analyzed a segment of the Connecticut Assisted Living market to effectively reposition a community, leading to its developing regional market dominance.
  • Developed a Hospice Home Care Program specifically for the LTC markets.
  • Researched and analyzed segments of the Connecticut institutional pharmacy markets, and developed their marketing plan to effectively reposition the client as a market leader.
  • Customer Service and Sales Training Programs developed for a leading regional firm.
  • Developed and implemented a fundraising and medical/surgical volunteer solicitation program for a medical charity based in McLean, VA.

For More Information Contact SHCS at (860) 632 - 1054.

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