Strategic Health Care Solutions understands the healthcare industry at all levels. As management consultants, we leverage the strengths of both the client and SHCS, as we provide meaningful operational, financial and marketing strategies and systems to unlock the barriers to your organization's optimum performance.

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Data is power! Let SHCS help you unleash your company's power through uncovering and analyzing operational, financial and marketing data. Through this data we will develop alternative Solutions to meet your company's mission and improve its margins.

The key strategies to assist in fulfilling your mission and margins may take the following forms:

1) Competitive Analysis and Market Readiness.
2) Relationship Development and Management:
         a. Customer Service,
         b. Product and Service Development, and/or
         c. Comprehensive Healthcare Program Development.
3) Systems to Improve Clinical and Financial Performance:
         a. Balancing Cost, Quality, Access and Benefits,
         b. Regulatory and Reimbursement Compliance, and/or
         c. Vendor and Payor Contractual Arrangements.


Growth of service and product lines leading to revenue generation is a key strategy for many operations in today's environment. To differentiate your operations from your competition, Strategic Health Care Solutions will assist your company in the formulation of a comprehensive programmatic approach to care delivery. Our goal is to uniquely position your healthcare business as a market leader.

By completing an operation audit and market study we will position your healthcare business by:

1) Identifying Competitive Position by Cost, Brand Image, Customer Satisfaction, and Marketshare.
2) Determining Service Line Fit with the Overall Strategic Plan.
3) Categorizing your Product, Services and Programs by Type: Investing, Divesting, and/or "Harvesting."
4) The Implementation of SHCS' Specialized Programs.
         a. BALANCE,
         b. REACH,
         c. BEACON, and
         d. PASSAGES.


1) Marketing Strategies: Promotional Techniques, Brand Development Strategies, Enhanced Distribution Plans, Clarified Market Positioning, and Redefinition of Services, Products and/ or Markets.

2) Communication Strategies: Analyze Market and Customer-Focused Communications, and/or Analyze Internal Communication Efforts and Provide Recommendations.

3) Public Relations Strategies: Special Events to Build the Image of your Business in the Public Eye, Building Community Rapport and Awareness, Building Media Rapport and Awareness, and Advise on Target Sponsoring Opportunities.


Referrals are the life-blood to many healthcare providers, and having good relationships with the key referral sources are vital. SHCS will analyze referral patterns and relationships to assist the organization in developing an effective customer-client focused approach. SHCS stands ready to work with your organization in developing or enhancing relationships through:

1) Shared Service Arrangements.
2) Clinical Care Path Development.
3) Coordinated Care and Disease Management Protocols.
4) Co-development and Sponsoring of Education and Community Programs.


First rate Customer Relations is key to high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business. SHCS will provide services to help you understand how your key customers perceive your business/services, and formulate a plan to improve upon or change your stakeholders perceptions. These services may include:

1) Customer Service Training.
2) Customer Satisfaction Studies and Surveys.
3) Sales and Communication Training.
4) Developing and Guiding Employee Task Forces/Team Building.
5) Customer and Employee Surveys.
6) Family/Community Faculty Program.


SHCS is experienced in analyzing employee satisfaction, turnover rates and in developing internal communications and marketing programs. We will help you develop a Retention Program consisting of:

1) Team Development and Communication.
2) Performance Recognition Programs.
3) Career Development and Coaching.


SHCS will assist you in developing an alliance between your operation and your physicians. Through understanding their needs, their expectations and their payor-risk arrangements, your team will be able to position your company to best service your common constituents. This may be accomplished through

1) Case Management Programs.
2) Disease Management Programs.
3) Collaborative Practice.
4) Wellness Programs.

Thus, you would be positioning your operation as a "Center of Excellence".


SHCS provides marketing, promotion, and financial strategies geared to enhance your third party payor mix and market share. SHCS's goals are to:

1) Position your Operation as an Attractive Partner to Third Party Payors.
2) Obtain the Margins that will allow your Program and Operation to Grow.
3) Enable the Operations to Meet the Ever-Changing Market Demands of the Healthcare Payor, Patients and Providers.

Our firm will solicit and negotiate on behalf of the healthcare provider all contractual arrangements with third party payors, and perform all the necessary steps to acquire the executed contracts. This may include:

1) Research and Devise Strategies to Generate Contractual Arrangements with MCOs, Indemnity Plans, TPAs and LTC Insurance Companies.
2) Complete all Requests For Information (RFI).
3) Complete all Requests For Proposal (RFP) and Applications.
4) Perform Pricing and Cost Structure Analysis of Business Segment or Products to Formulate Effective Pricing Strategies.
5) Support Contract Negotiations, or, Represent Provider in the Negotiation Process.
6) Provide Operating Guidance and Training to Provider.


Closely managing and monitoring care quality and costs are more critical than ever before. Strategic Health Care Solutions will help clients develop, install, and implement a system to manage the care and respective costs, as well as to track the costs delivered at each level of care. Regardless of payor contract, compliance and documentation of medical necessity, ensuring appropriate assessments reflecting services intensity and level of care are imperative for quality outcomes and reimbursement (regardless of payor). SHCS will assist in consultations that will positively impact the bottom-line through:

1) Census Management.
2) Discharge Management.
3) Resource Management.
4) Interdisciplinary Team Format/Communication.
5) Utilization Management and Review.
6) Quality Assurance Initiatives.
7) Evaluating and Monitoring the Care Planning Process.


Developing strong vendor relationships are a key to the growth and success of your healthcare operation, and the assurance of contract compliance and quality outcomes are imperative in today's highly regulated environment. Services offered cover:

1) Analyzing Vendor Contracts.
2) Develop RFP.
3) Assisting in the Negotiation and the Contract Oversight.
4) Monitoring Service for the Over or the Under Utilization of Services.


SHCS has extensive affiliations with leaders in the financial and accounting arena. These alliances allow SHCS to offer these services:

1) Modeling of Risk and Reimbursement Scenarios.
2) Cost Analyses of Existing Lines of Business, Products, or Processes to Enhance Profitability.
3) Pricing Analyses to Determine Adequacy, Reimbursement Methodologies, Fee Schedules to Achieve Financial Goals.
4) Preparation of Business / Operating Plans including Identification and Analysis of Key Assumptions.
5) Development, Organization, Review, and Direction of Financial Functions.

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